Scorned Ex of Daryl Hall Says Marital Aid Is the Muse Behind Hit Song “I Can’t Go For That”

PHILADELPHIA, PA – During the 1981 NFL playoffs, Daryl Hall watched as his once favorite team, the Miami Dolphins, lost an overtime nail-biter to the San Diego Chargers 41-38. In an attempt to comfort the distraught blue eyed soul singer, former lover and musical muse Deloris Fairchild introduced a then experimental, but now discontinued prostate pleasure device known as the “glute boot” into their well-documented-in-song love life.

According to Fairchild, Hall’s emotional state went from anger over the Dolphins loss to concern when he was presented with the over-sized, plastic, phallic nickel package. Fairchild recalls in her tell-all memoir “Hall and Oates and Me Makes Three” that this is the first time the words “I can’t go for that” were uttered by the singer.

Their tumultuous love affair soon ended and a pending lawsuit for writing royalties for “I Can’t Go for That” is still making it’s way through the courts. Other pending Fairchild vs. Hall royalty suits based on their more adventurous sexcapades include: “Man Eater”, “Did it in a Minute”, “Possession Obsession”, and “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid”. The stories behind those songs is not suitable for print.


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