Police Release Sketch, Call on Public to Help Settle Friendly Workplace Wager

badsketchRENO, NV – The brave men and women of the world’s biggest small town’s police force are asking the public for help identifying the man in this really awful sketch.

Sgt. Harry Reinhold told TSBtN, “We’ve got a bet going on here at the station. Most of us think our in-house sketch artist, Frankie, is the worst artist in law enforcement but the chief swears that he’s the best in the business. So we got a citizen to come in and think of a Star Wars character privately and describe them to Frank to sketch and see if we could ID the sketch.


Reno police want your help trying to figure out who the fuck this is supposed to be. Hint – he’s been in a Star Wars movie.

Right now the station is split with a lot of guys in homicide saying it’s Ewan McGregor and most of vice crimes saying it’s supposed to be Harrison Ford yet the SWAT guys think it might be a non-human character. Most importantly the chief swears that it’s post car crash Mark Hamil.”

However, now the woman who described the man to Frankie has gone missing and police are desperate to settle their bet. If you have any idea who the hell this guy is supposed to be please call the Reno tip line ASAP. Also, if you see the woman who described him you can probably call to. They’ve released her sketch.


Artist’s rendering


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