New Paleo CrossFit Vegan Vape Shops to Open Nationwide, Eventually!

166_blogimageEverytown, USA – Opportunistic business owners across the nation are opening vape stores, CrossFit workout centers, Boba (Bubble) Tea and gluten-free non-GMO paleo vegan restaurants but no one has combined all 3 in one… until now!  Venture capitalist Ankur Ischkabibble has decided to embrace the inevitable and do just that.  Ankur is a vegan crossfitter who bemoans the fact that he cannot find any paleo-friendly workouts.  He’s also interested in vaping.  In fact, he won’t shut up about it.  But now he’s putting his excessive cash reserves where his non-GMO food hole is.

Ankur has enlisted other like-minded individuals from a friend who is a vaping vegan Facebook celebrity, to a family member who is intolerant of gluten tolerant people to a successful business partner that is a paleo non-GMO vegan vaping Boba enthusiast but hates CrossFit.  Ankur has had difficulty in starting the business venture because meetings so far haven’t been very productive as each member commandeers the meetings promoting the virtues of their own choices.  Meetings can last hours with zero progress to show as evidence is not allowed to be introduced to support arguments.

Ankur hopes to have a business plan together in 6-7 years with franchises available in 9-10 years. Full disclosure, Ankur is employed by Monsanto in public relations, and all meetings have been held in conference room March.


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