Marvel’s Memorial Day Shocker: Captain America to Endorse Donald Trump

captainandtrumpNot content to sit on their hands as DC’s Batman v. Superman basks in all the negative attention of comic book fans Marvel Comics announced earlier this week that Captain America was a double agent and working for Hydra all along. We got an exclusive sneak peek at issue #2 of Steve Rogers: Captain America which picks up right after Cap declares his loyalty to the evil Nazi spin off organization Hydra.

The follow up issue begins with the venerable World War II hero, Avenger and world’s slowest acting double agent turncoat announcing his support of Donald Trump, the super tough, super smart, really great real estate mogul who would have served his country in Vietnam if not for his 5 deferments.

We spoke to Axel Alonso, editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics and he told us, “sure, there was backlash when we made Captain America a double agent for Hydra but the anger from fans was…  tepid at best so we decided to turn up the heat on ole Cap and shit on the fans real good this time. We reached out to the Trump campaign and they were very open to the idea of us having Cap spit in the face of American values by announcing his support of the Republican frontrunner for president. Issue #3 will see the all-American hero pushing a little old lady off of a cliff, #4 will have him foreclose on an orphanage and in issue #5 he will be hired by the Heritage Foundation to go on Sunday news talk shows as a political pundit promoting trickle down economic policies… after that we’re thinking cannibalism or something. We’re still not sure what could be more evil or damaging to the American people than trickle down economics and remain believable.”

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