Senate GOP Leaders Begin Impeachment Proceedings!

hilary-white-people-feelMere moments after the Associated Press announced Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the presumptive Democratic nominee, Senate Republicans began impeachment proceedings on the first presumptive female president.“We can’t dillydally until January 20th to impeach presumptive President Clinton,” Mitch McConnell told the Republican caucus. Usually the House of Representatives is tasked with starting the impeachment proceedings but with so many House members in heated re-election battles they have waived their responsibility to the Senate. McConnell, who feels his campaign to make Obama a one-term president was only a luke-warm success, is determined to get a head start on removing the presumptive President Clinton before she can be presumably sworn in.

It is also important to note that there are primary elections taking place in North Dakota, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota today that, however unlikely could spin the election 180 degrees, but neither the AP or the Republicans could wait long enough to see the results of pesky democracy.





2 responses to “Senate GOP Leaders Begin Impeachment Proceedings!

  1. This will truly backfire and cost the republicans even more seats. Can’t imagine how they can be so dumb.


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