Samsung Purchases Naming Rights to Detroit Building

DETROIT, MI – Samsung Electronics had been shopping for the naming rights to a stadium or arena in a large American city for a few months prior to the infamous exploding Note 7 Smartphone debacle. Now that the company has emerged from this costly crisis they found a right-priced building in the emerging Detroit market!

CEO BK Yoon made the announcement at a Michigan Chamber of Commerce meeting in Detroit’s Cobo Hall with Detroit mayor Mike Duggan and Quicken Loans CEO Dan Gilbert as well as Chris Illitch, the son of Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, not Motor City Casino and Little Caesars’ owner Mike Illitch. Duggan welcomed Samsung to the Motor City and said he looks forward to a long relationship with the electronics giant and revealed a rendering of the former “561 Hastings St” with its new branding as “Samsung House.”


Detroit, say hello to Samsung House!

Yoon gasped at the reveal, apparently thinking $100 USD would go further in Detroit than he imagined but managed to smile and took a photo next to the enormous image. The house will serve the community by using the flooded basement to host pick up hockey games for area at-risk youth and the plywood windows will be removed for paintball and Laser Tag in the summer. Samsung shares are down following the announcement.


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