Billy Joel Passes Out While Performing Updated Version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

Billy Joel performs at Madison Square GardenPiano man, horrendous driver and writer of one of the most annoying listicle songs of all time, Billy Joel, is in stable condition in an upstate New York hospital after passing out on-stage at a charity event. Joel was urged by the event organizers to join a cover band hired to provide entertainment at the event to perform a 2016 themed update to the 1989, Grammy nominated hit song We Didn’t Start the Fire. Joel had mentioned in passing to the MC that he had been working on it since the election but did not volunteer to perform the unfinished piece.

What Joel failed to mentioned is that the new verse is currently just under 45 minutes long and he is still in the process of editing it. However, to his credit Joel was a good sport and took to the stage with a binder full of lyrics. He managed to get about 13 minutes into the verse and had just mentioned the May shooting death of Harambe the gorilla and was in the middle of a complicated line that somehow rhymes Morley Safer with Muhammad Ali when he succumbed to a lack of oxygen and passed out. The hitmaker was taken by ambulance to St. Sinai Unitarian Hospital where he is said to be recovering the effects of exhaustion.


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