Vin Diesel Scores Victory for Women with XX: Xander Cage’s Feminine Side

xander3Macho action hero Vin Diesel took International Women’s Day as an opportunity to announce that March 8th will now forever be known as the day his new Triple X movie dropped! Double X: Xander Cage’s Feminist Side could prove to be the anti-hero’s toughest challenge yet.

The bald and buff star was cheered by an adoring crowd at Universal Florida and said that he will “step up and fill in for the gals on this Day Without a Woman so they can kick up their heels and take a well deserved day off!” This installment will follow the former daredevil Xander Cage who is just getting over a tough breakup after catching his wife sleeping with his best friend. Xander will face a gauntlet of trials and tribulations that will test his feminine side like being forced to flipĀ a Susan B Anthony coin to determine if he will have to rescue his mother from a covert terrorist organization or his new, former lesbian girlfriendĀ from a timed explosion!

Look for it in theaters soon!


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