Microsoft and Lou Bega Will Stop Supporting Mambo No. 5 Next Month


Bad news for Mambo No. 5 users who have been putting up upgrading to No. 6 due to a lack of support for Monica, Rita and Sandra – it looks like Lou Bega and Microsoft announced they will no longer develop software for the platform and there will be no more security updates.

The unusual partnership between the one hit wonder and Microsoft came to then CEO Steve Balmer during a dream while he was sick with a fever of 102, however, the partnership has outlived several projects out of Redmond like the Zune, Microsoft ME, a DVR for the Xbox One, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft 7, Xbox original programming, Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft Bob, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone.


Clippy was known to enjoy dancing to Mambo No. 5

Many Mambo No. 5 users only know one or two dances and don’t have time to keep up with new ones or buy expensive lessons just to go to a family wedding so they’ve put off upgrading since the Lou Bega hit was released in 1999. Microsoft is quick to tell those users Mambo No. 6 is still compatible with Erica, Tina, Mary and Jessica. Mambo No. 6 will be a forced update like Windows 10 and will be installed over radio waves, the preferred content distribution system of current No. 5 users.


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