North Carolina Repeals Trans Bathroom Law, Working on Rachel Dolezal Drinking Fountain Law

rachel_dolezal_speaking_at_a_rally_in_spokaneThe forward thinking legislators in North Carolina just can’t seem to get it right. First, there was the bathroom law that cost them several billions in tourism, business investment and high profile events, then the repeal of the unpopular law didn’t have enough teeth for most of the groups it offended with a potential expiration date in 2020.

Now the ham-handed lawmakers are about to step in it again as they get back to their gender neutral, plain ole racist roots to try and figure out how to define Rachel Dolezal’s race in this new era of fluid genders and multiculturalism. Most importantly, they want to know which segregated drinking fountain she should use as a result since apparently it’s okay to still pick on her.

Insiders within the North Carolina senate tell us they are leaning on a three drinking fountain solution instead of the “use whichever water fountain you prefer” law favored by the ACLU.



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