Emancipated Slaves Warn #FightFor15 Activists That 13th Amendment Drove Up Cotton Prices

Selfish leaches who think 40 hours of their week entitles them to have a meal or place to sleep.

Former slaves, the same ones freed by President Abraham Lincoln, had a dire warning for fast food and WalMart workers protesting for a higher minimum wage, “human dignity can cause inflation!”

You’d think the former enslaved men and women would support a living wage but the thought of paying an extra dime for a hamburger, even if the cost of said hamburger is unlikely to rise by that much if the minimum wage is raised, terrifies the former shackled Americans. Further, the guilt of raising the cost of cotton production still looms heavy on their souls. The now-free Americans, many still enjoying their spacious 40 acres and trusty mule, say that cotton prices went up following the 13th amendment and the Civil War. They argue that although the right to freedom or a fair wage isn’t guaranteed by God or the Constitution, reasonable dungarees are!

Further, they warned that if fast food workers kept up these protests the companies would just replace them with cotton gins so it’s best not to rock the boat.


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