Trump Swaps Betsy DeVos’ 1 Million a Month Security Detail With Innovative Security Vouchers


Photo courtesy of the Detroit Free Press and imaging technology that doesn’t require mirrors (so it can capture photos of vampires like this monster who wants to suck the future from vulnerable children).

President Donald Trump is getting creative after a report published by the Detroit Free Press revealed the cost to taxpayers of protecting his controversial Secretary of Education pick and Amway pyramid schemer Betsy DeVos will be around $8 million for 8 months. Apparently angry soccer moms and dads (maybe even a momma grizzly) get pretty hot when an unqualified public servant uses their kids as guinea pigs for her bad ideas.

Trump signed the new executive order from his Mar A Lago resort in Florida where the United States Fat Fuckident spent yet another weekend making us pay for yet another vacation for his fat ass. He said the costs of DeVos’ security detail is out of hand and that the order ensures she will have a “generous” security voucher for her to purchase protection on the open market. Naturally, the private sector does everything better than those Dumbocrats in D.C.; be it the military to libraries to police and fire to education to roads to sewers and now – protecting heads of state from assassination!

The voucher will be good for 20 tax-deductible dollars every day that DeVos is Education Secretary and she can use those dollars on whatever private sector security solution she feels will best protect her from death at the hands of her numerous enemies.


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