Watch This Video of Star Wars Rogue One & A New Hope Edited Together You Saw on Every Other Stupid Website Again

journalist_with_pipe.jpgHey,,,,,,, Business,,,,, and at least 10 other sites we counted before we got bored of the exercise – we can milk the same fucking “story” for cheap clicks too!

Here it is. It is kind of cool even if it’s completely unrelated to the rest of the content on our site check it out and turn off ad blocker.

I guess now we’re no longer #FakeNews! Just like Pinocchio we’ve become real boys now! Real, pathetic clickbait, corporate commercial “journalism” boys like you! See you at the White House Press Correspondence Dinner.

Really? You want to see it again? Don’t get your Midichlorians in a bunch, here it is again:

Okay, here’s one more just for good measure. Just clean up when you’re done.


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